UFO Caught watching Calbuco Volcano Eruption in Chile

UFO's have long been associated with natural disasters and here is another example of just such a theory. In Chile, the Calbuco volcano is erupting and it appears that a UFO is hanging around to check it out. Do you think UFO's can use Earth's natural energy in some way?

Comments from the vid --

'Most UFOs are not aliens like a lot of people think. They are in fact time machines from the future. The reason you see so many UFOs at historic events is because people from the future want to come back in time and witness history. A lot of these UFOs are filled with students and are just going on a futuristic version of a field trip.'

'Look the minute 1:00 to 1:10 in the "cloud" in the front of the UFO i see a human face!!!! '

'It could be students coming from the future that really something to think about👽'

And Also,

'Its crazy how the lighting strikes just completely orbit it!'

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