Too Cool Tiny Home With Two Lofts!

This custom built Tiny House was made for a traveling RN and her fiancé, a musician. The pair has since decided to stop traveling and put roots down. This tiny house feels very spacious and is easy to move around in. It feels much bigger than it’s <400 sq ft size.

The house is equipped with a full size kitchen, an updated apartment size refrigerator/freezer, a gas stove cook top and a new peg board to hang your pots/pans, cooking utensils, and spices. There is plenty of storage with 5 double cabinets that are “soft close” doors and drawers. The green on the front of the cabinets is contact paper so if you like it keep it and if not it’s a few minute job to remove it!

The bathroom has a full size soaker tub that is an indulgence in such a small space. There is also a shower head at the highest height the ceiling would allow which allows for a 6’1″ homeowner to shower here! The bathroom also has an easy to use composting toilet that eliminates the need for a “black water tank”. There is a pedestal sink and a medicine cabinet for storage. Since the show the teal has been painted a light shade of gray and the ceilings have come down to expose beautiful stained wood beams to make the room even more open and visually appealing.

The living and dining area are nice and open allowing for a couch or chairs for seating. The table in the area folds open to have a bigger table surface for dinner or that project you’ve been working on that needs a little extra space. The space feels so large in part because the stairs can be taken down and hung on the wall. It’s a HUGE space saver! The ladder can be used to access both lofts.

Sustainable homes are built using sustainable methods, materials, and facilitate green practices, enabling a more sustainable lifestyle. Their construction and maintenance have neutral impacts on the Earth. Often, if necessary, they are close in proximity to essential services such as grocery stores, schools, daycares, work, or public transit making it possible to commit to sustainable transportation choices. Sometimes, they are off-the-grid homes that do not require any public energy, water, or sewer service.

If not off-the-grid, sustainable homes may be linked to a grid supplied by a power plant that is using sustainable power sources, buying power as is normal convention. Additionally, sustainable homes may be connected to a grid, but generate their own electricity through renewable means and sell any excess to a utility. There are two common methods to approaching this option: net metering and double metering.

Sometimes you can get a great bargain from someone who tried tiny living and decided it wasn't right or ran into trouble with zoning. You can find used tiny houses on Craigslist, eBay and Tiny House Listings. (Note: if you find a house you like on Tiny House Listings, it's best to search the web for another source for responding. From my own experience and that reported by others, the contact form on this site may never reach the recipient. Try searching Craigslist or use Google image search instead.) Be sure to inspect the house before buying (some are very poorly built) and find out the status of the title and registration before you commit. Prices often drop from the first listing, so unless you really love the house, you might do well to wait a couple of weeks and watch it.

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