Is Anybody Interested in a Tiny Beach Getaway?

This attractive little cabin overlooks the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia. It is located in a development of recreational lots on Gambier Island, just north of Vancouver. The vendor is ... continued read more

How Cool is This Tiny Home Layout?!

Shaye and Tom are exploring alternative types of housing that can be built without any prior experience in construction (although a good dose of research and some workshops can be beneficial!). They w ... continued read more

Steps to Achieve a Net Zero Energy Tiny Home

Commonly referred to as ZNE, achieving Zero Net Energy is to have a building that produces the same amount of renewable energy onsite as it consumes. This is measured in a 1-year term. A zero-energy ... continued read more

Perfectly Gorgeous Small Marrowstone Home

Our mission is grounded in the principles of quality and sustainability. Simply put, we are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable structures using a streamlined process that allows us to build, ... continued read more

Perfect 2br/1ba Great Escape Tiny Home and Plans

Less is More! At a mere 480 sq. ft., this getaway cottage is popular for its twin bedrooms, cozy activity area and covered porch. Clerestory windows above the porch add the the brightness and illusion ... continued read more

2br 1ba King Fisher Tiny House and Plans!

The King Fisher house plan is a little over 500 square feet but still has the same character as The Great Escape house plan. With two bedrooms and one bathroom this is the perfect little house for a v ... continued read more

What's Wrong With the Tiny Home Movement?

This tiny beauty is in Toronto. It boasts 300 square feet of living space with a tiny back patio. If small living is your thing, this might be your next house! The listing includes this information ... continued read more

Costa Rican Tiny Perfection -- This One Is Amazing

Cúbica is a company in Costa Rica that specializes in alternative construction based on repurposed shipping containers. They have built housing, commercial and institutional projects from cast-off ... continued read more

Gorgeous Two Story Composite Steel Tiny Home

The Eagle Microhome: is a 350 sq. ft., two floors with a 50 sq. ft. deck on top. The main floor is 10′ x 20′, with a 5’x5′ bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) and two cabinets and ... continued read more

West Virginia Tiny Homes are Classic and Beautiful

Kanawha City has always been known as both a place of Mansions and Bungalows. The Libby Owens Ford glass plant brought many workers to Kanawha City, especially from Belgium. Add to that mix the man ... continued read more

Affordable, Modern and Unique Tiny Living

The Glide Pod offers simply stunning accommodation both visually and functionally. Fitting neatly in to many gardens it offers enough space to be practical for a large number of uses. Despite it†... continued read more

Tiny Airstream Home

Airstream housing units can be used as guesthouses, art or yoga studios, small homes or backyard getaways. They are still mobile, but need to be connected to the house septic system if they have a bat ... continued read more

Sweet 1br/1ba Shipping Container Tiny Home

The Monaco is a studio granny flat, where the living space duals as a bedroom. It features a tiled bathroom, full kitchen, meals area and the dual living/sleeping area. It comes with all the quality ... continued read more

How Would You Rate This Layout For a Container Home?

Shipping container architecture is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers (shipping containers) as structural element. It is also referred to as cargotecture, a portmanteau of cargo ... continued read more

Fantastic Beach Tiny Home Plans

This modern house is just 370 square feet and 9'6" tall from floor to roof top. Although it is not designed as a portable house, at only 14' wide it can be trucked down the road with a wide load permi ... continued read more

Awesome Santa Barbara 400sq ft Tiny Villa!

The Santa Barbara is one of six gorgeous little 400-square-foot houses in the California Collection created by The Homestead Partners. Each house has a full kitchen and bathroom, private bedroom with ... continued read more

1br/1ba Farm Style Tiny Beauty and Plans

The Farmhouse style Bath house/kitchen provides welcoming and comfortable amenities. The design concept embraces a fun, whimsical and practical character. Non-corrosive and wear-resistant materials we ... continued read more

Have a Look at the Loring Style Tiny Home and Plans

Designed as a very tiny bungalow, this design comes with several options to suit your needs. You can choose between a sleeping loft upstairs, or a cathedral ceiling. We also have a smaller version wit ... continued read more

You'll Love This Tiny Kanga Cottage

The Kanga Kwik Room is our most affordable and quickest way to get a Kanga Room available on your property. All Kwik Rooms start as a shell. A shell is a fully dried in building. When installed, it i ... continued read more

Meet 'The Picasso' Style Tiny Home and Plans

A well-designed smaller home plan orchestrates the flow of the spaces, making sense of all areas, no matter how compact. Some of the materials used in construction include recycled blue jeans, low ... continued read more

Awesome Tiny Backyard Box and Plans

These small, well-designed little backyard houses are actually much better looking and more detail oriented than a basic box, without forsaking the modern, prefab style. Backyard Box, a company based ... continued read more

Extraordinary Adjustable Size Tiny Home and Plans

The Maxwell, our flagship model, comes in many sizes and layouts from the 1-room studio to a 2-bedroom 2 bath model. The width can be easily adjusted, making the Maxwell line versatile. In addition to ... continued read more

The Plans and Worksmanship For This Tiny Home Are Nothing Short of Amazing

This weeHouse and its cool, calming interior serves as a simple 440 SF retreat space on the fairly remote site outside a small arts colony in West Texas. It is designed to be the first of three weeHou ... continued read more

Magnificent Tiny Dwelling With Plans

12ft x 24ft - 300 sqft of compact living, this dwelling was originally designed to fit an RV site, with murphy bunks and a fold-out sofa this would make a perfect weekender for 2 or a family of 4. Ins ... continued read more

Fantastic Studio Loft Tiny Home and Plans

This may be the first Granny Flat that is actually accessible for an older person who has trouble with stairs. The private elevator makes the difference. The two car garage below can house a car for ... continued read more

Incredible Small Home With a Balcony

This Vancouver Arts and Crafts Laneway House sits snug beside it’s main house and is well fitted to a community with lots of children. On an open, wide corner lot over-looking a tree lined s ... continued read more

The Outside Looks Typical -- The Inside is Another Story

The Cabin in the Woods Tiny home is comfortable and cozy! It has all the essentials, a full sized loft that can fit a queen or king sized bed mattress, an option for a futon downstairs that can easily ... continued read more

Superb Tiny Home on Wheels -- The Storage in the Kitchen is Unbelievable

NEW & built by Greenleaf Tiny Homes, the Kootenay has a large loft which adds to its square footage (with ladder access). The kitchen is versatile and can handle more appliances. Front door is on the ... continued read more

2br Tiny Home With a Den -- Check Out the Plans

The Arts and Crafts is our most traditional model. Equipped with a super energy efficient infrastructure, as are all of Smallworks’ homes, it has 2 washrooms and 2 good sized bedrooms. A well ... continued read more

Ski Resort 2br 1 ba Tiny Cedar Cabin in the Mountains

Furnished cedar cabin located at Sugar Pine RV Park, Highway 108, (4200 ft. elevation) situated on the best space in the Park. It is backed up to a beautiful forested area and has a small creek runnin ... continued read more