Have a Look At This Spectacular Off Grid Tiny Cabin

I have a 8x14 Tiny cabin that can be hooked up to your 110 outlet and garden hose from your house(the way that you would hook up a motor home or travel trailer) or can be used completely off the grid. The Tiny house has a sleeping loft that is 6 x 8 and holds a queen mattress, A 3×6 Bathroom with a self contained toilet and a shower that has a endless hot water tank a sink and vanity with a large mirror. The kitchen is 3×6 with a 7 ft. wood counter top that has a sink and also runs off of the endless hot water tank, two burner stove, fridge with freezer, oven/stove combo as well as storage under the sink and three wood crates on the wall for storage. The living room is 7×8 and has a closet for storage, a couch that converts into a bed, a tv/dvd combo on a wall mount, and a stereo. The tv and stereo run off the battery from the solar panels the living room also has two solar lights that turn on and off with a remote and over the door is a 1.5 x 8 ft storage loft.

The outside of the house has a 8×12 ft deck, a utility box that holds the power inverters, battery, water pump, 1000 watt generator, and battery charger. The house has six 15 watt solar panels with two charge controllers and a wood box that holds a 55 gallon can for water storage if you are off the grid. The exterior is board an batten with a metal roof. And it is insulated with 2×4 walls. The heater is propane and runs off a15-20 lb propane tank ( bbq size tank). The endless hot water tank and two burner stove can run off a 15-20 lb. propane tank or a one pound Coleman propane bottle. The oven/stove combo runs off a one pound Coleman bottle. I also have an adapter that allows you to fill a one pound Coleman propane bottles from a 15-20 lb. tank. This Tiny House Could be used for a Hunting Cabin, a man cave, a place for mom to go to have some time for herself, a teenager wanting a place of their own, a mother in law house, guest house, pool house or for somebody who wants to own a home but also be able to save money. I live in port angeles wa. but The Tiny House was made to be taken down and moved in the back of a U-Haul or trailer so it can be put up anywhere I’m asking 8,000 obo If you don’t have a way to move it we can take it apart and drive it to where you want it and set it back up.

The concept of a sustainable off-grid community must take into consideration the basic needs of all who live in the community. To become truly self-sufficient, the community would need to provide all of its own electrical power, food, shelter and water. Using renewable energy, an on-site water source, sustainable agriculture and vertical farming techniques is paramount in taking a community off the grid. A recent concept design by Eric Wichman shows a multi-family community, which combines all of these technologies into one self-sufficient neighborhood. To grow the community you simply add neighborhoods using the same model as the first. A self-sustained community reduces its impact on the environment by controlling its waste and carbon footprint.

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