Charming Rustic 1br 1ba Tiny Texas Home

This charming sub-500sq foot tiny abode in Texas is fantastic and classic all in the same tiny package. In addition to the built in charm she also features the following...

Built in 2010 TUFF SHED® The Sundance Series®,Model TBD-800 Barn Style Deluxe Edition 16’x20’x18’8” with 8’ 1st Floor & Full 2nd Floor,¾”Tongue & Groove OSB Flooring Including Loft Floor, Galvanized Steel Joist Subfloor,OSB Roof Sheathing, Owens Corning 30 Year Shingles, Hurricane Package, Windstorm Cert-Engineer Report Available.

Blue Prints Available, R-13 Batt Insulation Walls & R-30 Ceiling,5’x7’ Full Bath on 1st Floor with Kohler Appliances, Deep Tub, Nickel Fixtures, Pocket Door, Custom Designed Ikea Kitchen with Farmhouse White Cabinetry, Apron Sink,Electric Stove/Oven & Butcher Block Wooden Countertops, Glass Face Pantry & Open Shelving for Extra Storage, Under Cabinet Space for a Beverage/Wine Refrigerator, Floating Bar/Island,Bead Board Ceilings & Brushed Nickel Accent Lighting, Hand Stained Beams in Kitchen Ceiling, GFCI Outlets,Under Storage Plus Water Heater Storage at Stairs.

Engineered Wood in Walnut Finish on 1st Level,16’x10’ Upstairs Loft with Railing, Ceiling Fan, Hardwired Bed-Side Lights and 3’x3’ Window, Frigidaire 25,000 BTU Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Heat Pump, Major Construction, Structural, Plumbing, Electric Work Completed By Licensed Professionals.

In most towns, a building permit isn't required for a structure of 120 square feet or less. However, these small structures are considered sheds or workshops. Full-time living in a tiny building is generally not allowed. Some people live successfully "under the radar" but it's risky. A grumpy neighbor or diligent official could make your tiny life untenable.

To be a legal residence, a structure must be built in accordance with local building codes. Most states have adopted the International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings. However, there is great diversity in the specific versions. Scroll down to see the US map. In addition to the IRC, a state, county or city may have additional codes that must be followed. Rare exceptions do exist. This book, No Building Codes, written in 2010 by Terry Herb, provides information on areas where building codes are absent or rarely enforced.

Small and tiny houses have received increasing media coverage including a serial television show, Tiny House Nation, in 2014 and Tiny House Hunters. The possibility of building one's own home has fueled the movement, particularly for tiny houses on wheels. Tiny houses on wheels are often compared to RVs. However, tiny houses are built to last as long as traditional homes, they use traditional building techniques and materials, and they are aesthetically similar to larger homes.

Some companies have put into motion plans to create tiny home developments.

One of the biggest obstacles to growth of the tiny house movement is the difficulty in finding a place to live in one. Zoning regulations typically specify minimum square footage for new construction on a foundation, and for tiny houses on wheels, parking on one's own land may be prohibited by local regulations against "camping." In addition, RV parks do not always welcome tiny houses. DIYers may be turned away, as many RV parks require RVs be manufactured by a member of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association "(RVIA)".

Tiny houses on wheels are considered RVs and not suitable for permanent residence, according to the RVIA. From RVBusiness, "The RVIA will continue to shy away from allowing members who produce products that are referred to as 'tiny houses' or 'tiny homes'. (However, the RVIA does allow “tiny home” builders to join as long as their units are built to park model RV standards.)"

In 2014, the first "tiny house friendly town" was declared in Spur, Texas, however it was later clarified that a tiny house may not be on wheels but must be secured to a foundation.

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