Beautiful Four Person Tiny Home and Plans

Barbara is an ideal, small, four member family house. It contains a bathroom, kitchen, living room and three bedrooms. One of these bedrooms is hidden in the mezzanine, but is very cozy. The shape is characterized by a half hip-roof. This tiny house is named after the famous pin-up girl, Barbara Stanwyck. I´ve lived in a cabin, off and on, for most of my life. I love the simplicity and convenience of the cottage lifestyle. One can be close to nature while enjoying the comforts of home. This is the reason why I´ve developed this project. By purchasing my plans, not only will you create a practical space, but you´ll also help me realize this vision.

As a recent graduate with a Master of Architecture, I spent several semesters at the Czech Technical university, Department of Architecture, in Prague, the Czech Republic, a country with a long passionate history for cottage living. Together with a growing team of like-minded designers, engineers and architects, we continue to spread our tiny-house movement around the world.

I love tiny homes because they bring the opportunity for expression of residential creativity and individuality to folks who would otherwise have to settle for cookie cutter dwellings and I love tiny homes because they bring back into the control of the individual -- the provision of their own shelter, without having to be in debt to banks.

If you're blessed with more time and skill than money, building from salvage is a great choice. Not only can you get beautiful, sturdy materials, you also can avoid the excessive chemicals present in many new materials. Here's an example of a beautiful wood floor built from pallets. Old windows, doors, and panelling can be found at salvage stores, dumps, curbside on trash pick up day and through Craigslist and Freecycle. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to modify your design to work in the materials you're able to find. In addition, if you're trying to meet building codes, you'll want to document and take pictures of your materials, and perhaps even ask your building inspector to come out and take a look to be sure they're acceptable.

It takes about 120 hours for a professional to build a typical tiny home. For the average DIYer, building a tiny house takes about 480 hours, either concentrated (3 months of fulltime work) or spread out over a year or more, fitting construction into spare hours on weekends. Here's a more detailed discussion from a professional.

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