400sq Ft Off Grid Tiny Roughing It -- Could You Hang?

Nestled in the Datil Mountains of New Mexico is this private & peaceful property. You drive up the winding driveway, unable to see the residence. Peering around the last bend you see the 16 foot tall solar deck housing the PV solar array above the trees. Next to the solar deck is the cabin, all 402 square feet of tininess.

9.35 acres of Pinyon-Juniper woodland, ~7600 ft. The property is 1 lot from the BLM. The property is heavily treed, providing a huge wind & weather block. A short hike to the plateau of the property gives 30+ mile views with the VLA (Very Large Array) in the picture.

This property needs to be finished.

The cabin is 3 rooms = 402 square feet. 3 outcide walls have been sided in pine board and batten.

The kitchen remodel is almost complete. The fridge, a 19cuft E-Z Freeze propane = $2700 new. The Premier propane stove is new ($600). The 30″ sink & fixtures are new & built in soap dispenser. The plumbing is new PEX tubing. The floor is engineered hickory hardwood, also new. The drywall was redone and a beautiful texture added, paint is new. The ceiling fan and light is new. The kitchen cabinets are all custom hand made by me from re-purposed solid pine that we had in storage. The windows are 4’x6′ thermo-pane glass, large views and still efficient. The front door is a new steel door, with twin panes of glass & a sliding blind on the interior of the glass, another Energy Star feature. Door is new. Kitchen needs trim out, ceiling (we were thinking T&G pine or metal), and counter tops. Lighting in the kitchen is both 12V & 110V LED, huge power saver for the off grid system.

The living room houses the battery bank, controller and inverter. T-111 walls, floors are plywood with 2-1/2″ thick DOW foam insulation topped with 1″ thick OSB tongue & groove (as all floors are) and unfinished ceiling. The bedroom is the same minus the 3 walls with just insulation, no T-111.

DSL & land line available.

The PV array is perched 16′ in the air utilizing a 9′ tall cedar trunk, great attention-getter! The array is 720 watts, 90 watt panels wired using 0 gauge, all lines run underground to cabin. The charge controller is a 60 amp Xantrex unit. There are 100 ah AGM sealed batteries all in excellent condition.

On 13 April 2006, USA Today reported that there were "some 180,000 families living off-grid, a figure that has jumped 33% a year for a decade," and cited Richard Perez, publisher of Home Power Magazine, as the source. Assuming the same rate of growth, there would be a quarter million off-grid households in the United States by late 2007. Because many Third World citizens have never had the chance to go on the grid, current estimates are that 1.7 billion people live off-grid worldwide. A wave of TV shows and articles came out after the publication of "Off the Grid, Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government and True Independence in Modern America" by Nick Rosen in 2010.

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