2br Tiny Home With a Den -- Check Out the Plans

The Arts and Crafts is our most traditional model. Equipped with a super energy efficient infrastructure, as are all of Smallworks’ homes, it has 2 washrooms and 2 good sized bedrooms. A well proportioned Vancouver Laneway House to suit small scale neighborhoods, this home displays a superb application of traditional architecture in a modest footprint.

The Arts & Crafts – Version 1 is anchored by a functional U-shaped kitchen with bar seating. A sitting room acts as a buffer space and connects an outdoor living space to the interior. Large closets as well as under-height storage spaces support a functional cozy space. Floorplans include 1 layout for this version of the Arts & Crafts.

The Arts & Crafts – Version 2 has a U-shaped kitchen with a sink under the window providing a functional and enjoyable work space for cooking. With two rooms on the second level, this model works well for home-based entrepreneurs or studious professionals. The larger of the two upper rooms has a connected balcony creating a luxurious master bedroom setting. Floorplans include 2 alternate layouts for this version of the Arts & Crafts.

The Arts & Crafts – Version 3 is a great fit for those looking for a substantial rental unit or a cozy starter home, or for those looking to downsize from a full-size house. It boasts maximum storage on each level and a generous open concept living space. Floorplans include 3 alternate layouts for this version of the Arts & Crafts. With loads of room for closets and storage — and most importantly a generous kitchen and separate living room — this home is a favorite with those looking to start a family! Work with our designers to tailor the interior of your Vancouver Laneway House to either a traditional or modern look.

If your tiny house will be on a slab or foundation, then to be a legal residence, it must conform to building codes and most likely, go through the permitting process. If you follow this path and build in accordance with zoning & building regulations, I recommend using a realtor to help find your land. It can be tempting to try to save money by searching for cheap land from eBay or another auction site, but buyer beware! Without a professional involved, you'll need to be extra diligent in researching for issues like back taxes, liens, hazardous waste, former meth labs (especially with burned out buildings), mineral rights, water rights, moratoriums on building due to water scarcity (mostly in CA), depth of well needed to get water (mostly in the desert), minimum lot size required to build, whether there are wetlands on the property, whether there are endangered species there that prevent building (scrub jays in Florida), whether the property is landlocked or otherwise inaccessible, whether the photos are of the actual property or just the area, zoning, what the HOA rules are, etc. This information is rarely disclosed on eBay or Craigslist.

If your tiny house will be so small that it won't need a building permit, then it will likely be considered an auxillary building by your town. An auxillary building is usually not permitted unless there is already a legal residence on the property. It may be possible to get a variance for a shed or other outbuilding, but it will not be considered a residence and you won't be able to get a street address for the property.

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